Destiny In The Pacific John F. Schork


Published: December 6th 2010


385 pages


Destiny In The Pacific  by  John F. Schork

Destiny In The Pacific by John F. Schork
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“Destiny in the Pacific”Set during the desperate first year of the Pacific War, “Destiny in the Pacific” tells the story of Bryan Michaels, a young American Naval Aviator. Following a court martial for dereliction of duty he loses his wings and isMore“Destiny in the Pacific”Set during the desperate first year of the Pacific War, “Destiny in the Pacific” tells the story of Bryan Michaels, a young American Naval Aviator. Following a court martial for dereliction of duty he loses his wings and is assigned to the battleship Utah.

His career in ruins, he is doing his time prior to leaving the Navy. Assigned temporarily to the shipyard at Bremerton he meets and is taken with a young Navy nurse, Liz Sommers. His troubles continue when he is arrested for fighting and misses the Utah getting underway for Hawaii.Bryan is still in Bremerton when the Utah is sunk by the Japanese on December 7th, 1941.

Returning to a devastated Pearl Harbor he finds the fleet in ruins and his roommate dead. The shock begins a transformation in the young officer. He has a chance encounter with Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Fleet Commander. The Admiral tells the young officer that those in the fight must hold the Japanese until America can mobilize. That meeting results in Michaels return to flight status and assignment to the Carrier Yorktown.Reunited with his former gunner, Bill Nance, they fight courageously at the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Shot down after successfully bombing a Japanese carrier both are rescued by an Australian patrol boat. Michaels strikes up a friendship with the Aussie Commanding Officer, Lee Cordner.The survivors are flown back to Pearl Harbor in time to fly in the Battle of Midway where Nance is killed.

On his return to Pearl Harbor Bryan is disqualified from further flying duties due to his injuries. He runs into his father, a Navy Admiral recalled to active duty and on his way to Australia as part of Douglas Macarthur’s staff. Liz Sommers has been reassigned to Hawaii and their relationship continues to develop.Promoted to Lieutenant, Michaels decides to remain in combat despite an opportunity to go back to the States and safety.

This decision is hard on the young couple who have fallen in love. They both understand the need to do their part for the war effort. He is assigned to a PT boat squadron and takes part in the critical battles around Guadalcanal. Liz volunteers for a mobile surgical unit to be near Bryan and is in a group of Americans captured by the Japanese.Lee Cordner shows up as a “liaison” for a PT boat rescue mission which Michaels leads.

Among the captives is an intelligence officer who knows top secret information the Japanese must not get. Despite a recall from headquarters Bryan and Lee manage to rescue several of the Americans including Liz. During the rescue there is a premeditated attack by U.S. forces intended to kill the intelligence officer rather than having him fall into Japanese hands. Michaels disregard of recall orders and his anger at the attack results in his recall to Australia where he meets General Douglas Macarthur.The legendary Supreme Commander decides that Michaels would be the best person to fill a new American billet in the Australian Special Forces.

Assigned as a liaison officer between Macarthur’s headquarters and the Australians he volunteers for a mission behind enemy lines to steal the newest Japanese naval code.He and Cordner are landed on an enemy island by an American PBY. Several days later they watch as a group of Australian POW’s arrive by ship to complete the construction of the base. Witnessing the Japanese brutality Michaels initiates an attack against superior numbers and they are able to take control of the island and rescue the prisoners.During the return flight to Darwin their aircraft is attacked and Michaels must take over flying the aircraft to get them home safely.

Michael’s injury resolves itself and he is able to return to a new squadron outfitting in the United States to take the fight to the home waters of Japan.A young and bitter officer, Bryan Michaels was swept up into a war that will rank as the most brutal in the country’s history. During that first crucial year for his country he finds a courage and passion which enables him to commit the battle regardless without reservation. He found his destiny in the vast Pacific.

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