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Making Sense of NoSQL  by  Dan McCreary

Making Sense of NoSQL by Dan McCreary
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The term NoSQL defines a wide range of database technologies that offer alternatives to the traditional RDBMS. NoSQL tools like MongoDB, Neo4j, HBase, and Redis take innovative approaches to the unique problems of handling data in modern distributed and web-based systems. With the promise of lowering cost, increasing performance, and improving the ability to scale, there are plenty of good reasons to explore this new generation of agile data solutions.Making Sense of NoSQL is a great place to start.

It clearly and concisely explains the concepts, features, benefits, potential, and limitations of NoSQL technologies. Using examples and use cases, illustrations, and plain, jargon-free writing, this guide shows how you can effectively assemble a NoSQL solution to replace or augment the traditional RDBMS you have now.The book begins with a quick review of database concepts alongside the new NoSQL patterns.

Then, youll explore case studies on Big Data, search, reliability and business adaptability to understand how these new patterns apply to todays business problems. Youll also see how NoSQL systems can leverage the resources of modern cloud computing and large CPU-count data centers. The final chapters show you how to choose the right NoSQL technologies for your specific business problems.As you read, youll explore trends likeThe increasing interest in big data systemsMovement to clusters of commodity computersThe need for flexible document oriented structuresMovement toward open source systemsCost effectively managing RAM and solid state drivesUsing cloud technologies to best advantageThis book introduces the technology, vocabulary, and business case for NoSQL.

While its not a programmers how-to guide and assumes little technical knowledge, developers will welcome this lucid overview of the possible uses and capabilities of NoSQL technologies.

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